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HTTMediA News   •   Dec 12, 2016

Freelancing looks idyllic from the outside. Working with the best clients, choosing fun projects, determining your own hours and working from home or wherever you like. But there’s a lot that happens under the hood to keep the momentum going.

Doing the actual freelance work for your clients never takes up 100 per cent of your time. Soon you’ll be swamped with paperwork and admin – writing proposals, drawing up contracts, sending invoices, writing down tasks and managing your workflow.

Freelancers are most often one person businesses, which means they’re responsible for everything.

Not just designing, or coding, or writing. They’re solely responsible for finding new clients, creating contracts, sending invoices, managing expenses, handling taxes, and so much more.

There are countless tools for running all of the different aspects of a freelance business, but sometimes the sheer number of different options can be overwhelming.

Graphic Design: Canva

With over 10 million users and launching in 2012 they must be doing something right. Canva’s tools are so versatile you can create anything from an email header, presentation, to an infographic for a blog post.

Time Tracking: Toggl

A very popular time tracking tool that has a free option and works for everyone from individuals to large teams. Track time with one click on any device or with multiple integrations, then create beautiful reports to show your client on where time was spent.

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